Lancaster County country road in late September.

Lancaster County country road in late September.

A little over a month ago, a dear friend said she decided to host a party at her lovely Lancaster County home. When I asked what occasion prompted the celebration, she responded that the point of the party was that there was no occasion. Her “In the Meantime” get-together would be held after Labor Day and before the holidays – in the meantime.

I absolutely loved the idea. Not only was there nothing on the calendar, but also late summer is my favorite time of year. Here in Pennsylvania, September is gorgeous, because, for me, the weather is perfect! No, the leaves have not taken on their spectacular fall color, but it’s pleasantly warm during the day and cool and comfortable in the evenings – perfect for bonfires and sleeping.

I can’t deny it, leaf peeping is the perfect excuse to hit the road this fall, but September and October are absolutely wonderful even without the vibrant colors that blanket the Pennsylvania landscape. Fall harvest festivals in PA are as plentiful as cornfields in Lancaster County. On any given weekend you can find a quaint festival or county fair that are about as Americana as it gets. And I absolutely love them. Everything about them – from funnel cake and apple dumplings to bluegrass bands and blue ribbons. Young and old enjoying the same things – where else do you find that? I really think people are just in a better mood at this time of year. We need that don’t we? Before the holiday crush, we all need a season of relaxed recreation that will transition perfectly into Thanksgiving and Christmas. I can’t wait to celebrate in the meantime.


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