Can You Feel It?

There’s nothing else like it. Those distinctive sensory indicators that are more accurate than any calendar. Each season has its own look, taste, sound, feel and smell. For me, the smell of autumn is as crisp and clean as a freshly picked apple. Depending on which part of Pennsylvania you live, sleeping with the windows open is a definite perk of fall. Warm, sun-dappled days and crisp cool nights are what make the feel of this season unlike any other.

The sound of high school marching bands permeates the evening air in small towns throughout Pennsylvania as in communities throughout America. In preparation for Friday night lights, they march and play while projecting the iconic sound of pep music out into the neighborhood.

This is the season of fresh apple cider, pumpkin pie and squash. Nutmeg, ginger and cloves no longer merely take up space on my spice rack, as they are the essential ingredients of fall. It’s these amazing aromas that entice us indoors when the weather suggests otherwise.

Fall is festival season in PA. Whether it’s the harvest or the gorgeous fall foliage, no time of the year lends itself better to an outdoor celebration than the one we’re in now. As the leaves begin to change in late September and peak in early to mid-October, the entire state takes on the hue of a master painter. More than any other time of year “leaf peepers” get in their cars and just drive, because the journey is the destination.

It’s also this time of year that my focus begins to turn to what is to come. “Will it be a cold winter?” “Will we get more snow than last year?” Although resolutions are usually made at the turn of the New Year, I’m going to make a real effort to completely focus on fall and enjoy it for all it has to offer. For now at least, I’m keeping my windows open.

Want to know what’s going on this fall in PA?


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I am the blogger for Where & When, Pennsylvania's Travel Guide, a quarterly print magazine and online source for what's going on in PA.
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