Why the Lady’s Gaga Over Lancaster County

Or, at least my take on why Lady Gaga makes frequent visits to Lancaster County.

Ever since her relationship with actor and Lancaster County (LC) native Taylor Kinney has become public, her visits to the area have not gone unnoticed. I can’t help but draw a stark contrast between the flash and glitter of her New York City existence and the laid back atmosphere she enjoys while visiting LC. As her visits increased, so has the presence of paparazzi, but not nearly what she faces in the Big Apple. Here, the photogs have to work harder for a photo since nothing in LC is routine.  Let’s see, she’s reportedly been to the Bull’s Head Pub in Lititz, the 915 Cafe’, Central Market, a grocery store and (this is my favorite) a private residence where she was videoed with Taylor and some friends target shooting. Gargantuan heels and all.

I’ve never spoken to the enigmatic pop star and I’m pretty sure I never will, so my thoughts on why she loves Lancaster County are just that, my thoughts. One thing I do know about her from interviews is that she has an incredibly close bond with her parents. In fact, the last I heard she was still living with them and when on tour they often accompany her. Lancaster County is nothing, if not known for its sprawling farmland and traditional family values. If it’s a little R&R she’s looking for, she’ll definitely find it here among the Amish.

But, there is also a little something extra that is very attractive to the many young and talented people who have chosen Lancaster City as a place to live, work and play.  Top-notch restaurants, eclectic variety of galleries and trendy bohemian shops has given the city a glow that has become a bright light in troubled economic times. The city has taken its place as a Lancaster County treasure along side quaint towns like Lititz and Strasburg.

Why do I think someone who could travel anywhere in the world would take a shine to Lancaster County? I could be way off base, but it seems to me she is looking for a little bit of what we take for granted in the midst of her unconventional, extraordinary life.

Oh, and there is the matter of a certain young man whose family lives here.

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