Top 10 Reasons to Celebrate the End of Summer

I’ve gotta tell you, this was a stretch for me. I am a Vitamin D-craving, water-loving, heat-seeking summer fanatic.  The thought of bidding farewell to this season for another 9 months provoked a small panic attack. Instead of meditating, drinking a cup of tension tamer tea or other equally ineffective antidotes, I decided to do what we humans rarely do when faced with such crises…look at the bright side.

So here are my top 10 reasons to celebrate (or maybe just not freak out) the end of summer…

10. 139 shopping days until Christmas. Maybe I won’t be shopping on Christmas eve if I start now.

9. All the back-to-school sales I see on TV mean one thing…the kids are going back to school!

8. You can actually sit by a campfire without feeling like you’re melting.

7. The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire is underway.

6. Fall is the best time to go hiking, biking and boating in PA.

5. In about 6 weeks, give or take, the fall foliage will put on a spectacular show.

4. Harvest festivals nearly every weekend in Pennsylvania.

3. I have almost an entire year to work on getting in shape for swimsuit weather.

2. Since the cornfields are cut down I don’t feel like I’m putting my life on the line every time I pull out at a stop sign on a country road.

and the #1 reason to celebrate the end of summer…

1. I won’t have to hear “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity” for at least 6 months.


About WherenWendy

I am the blogger for Where & When, Pennsylvania's Travel Guide, a quarterly print magazine and online source for what's going on in PA.
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