My 10 Favorite Things About My Least Favorite Time of Year

Since I’m the blogger for Where & When, Pennsylvania’s Travel Guide You probably expect me to say that all seasons in PA are created equal, right? But I can’t. I’m sorry, I just can’t. It’s not winter in general – it’s late winter that seems to go on endlessly. Early winter brings the anticipation of the holidays… the lights, shows, downtown shopping and family.

After the holidays are over we all take a deep breath and relax a little. When the snow arrives we enjoy the prospect of skiing, tubing and just playing around in the white stuff. But, something happens to me just after Valentines Day. It never fails, there is always one day in there that is sunny and the snow begins to melt. It may even hit 60 degrees! A little over a week ago I found myself saying..”Maybe that groundhog didn’t lie after all. Maybe we will have an early spring.” But alas, temps in the 20’s were just 3 days away.

This year I have decided to look at all the things that I do like about this time of year, and here they are…

10. Soup. I love soup and I don’t have to worry about breaking into a sweat when I eat it.

9. Lancaster County Mud Sales – if you don’t know what this is, check it out on

8. No mosquitoes, flies or stinkbugs…yet.

7. Manure. Yes, farmers spread manure on the fields this time of year and no I don’t really enjoy the smell.  But manure in cold weather is slightly better than manure in hot weather.

6. People tend to look on the bight side of almost anything. For instance, when it rains, I hear people say, “Well, at least it’s not more snow.”

5. There are still several weeks left to fit back into your skinny(er) clothes.

4. It’s a great time to see a show or go to a museum. You won’t hear your friends say, “I’d love to go, but I hate to stay inside on such a nice day.”

3. It’s really the only time of year that 55 degrees seems balmy. Just see how you feel about 55 degrees in the middle of July!

2. There are still 299 shopping days left until Christmas

and my favorite thing about this time of year….



About WherenWendy

I am the blogger for Where & When, Pennsylvania's Travel Guide, a quarterly print magazine and online source for what's going on in PA.
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