The Warmth of Winter

With the first real blast of winter here in Pennsylvania it is so tempting to long for the warmth of springtime. It’s especially easy for me to fall into that mindset because I write for a quarterly PA travel guide ( ) and I’m already deep into my spring issue. It takes a concerted effort for me to live in the season when it’s cold outside. But if we’re always looking ahead we miss the beauty of what is.

There are so many unique opportunities to get outside and enjoy what this time of year has to offer.

Unless there is a chill in the air, there is no snow.

If there is no chill in the air, the pond cannot freeze over so the Amish children that live down the lane can skate on it.

Without a chill in the air, we will not experience a quiet like no other as we walk in a snowy wonderland.

Unless there is a chill in the air, there is no sledding, skiing, tubing, or boarding.

And although the thought of shoveling snow is not even remotely enjoyable to me, the sight I see after several inches has blanketed my neighborhood, is truly priceless. As I look up and down my street all my neighbors are out shoveling, talking, laughing, playing and helping each other. I can’t think of another time of year that I experience that type of community fellowship and harmony.  So, today I’m just going to bask in the true warmth of winter.

*photo of Ohiopyle State Park by Dennis Wolfe


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I am the blogger for Where & When, Pennsylvania's Travel Guide, a quarterly print magazine and online source for what's going on in PA.
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