Where have all the Zu Zu pets gone?

Okay, take a breath and slowly exhale…repeat. You may need to repeat several times. Close your eyes and envision yourself on a calm pristine lake…No, no, no, you’re in a canoe, not drowning. Focus! Seriously folks, we need to all take a breather and enjoy the last couple days before Christmas. If you still haven’t finished shopping it’s a bit late to expect to find the “perfect” gift for that “special” someone, who apparently was so special that you put it off ‘til the last minute. Look, if you just found out that your niece has decided to bring her new significant other to your gathering and you need to rush out an get him a gift (and it’s gotta be good or it will reflect badly on the entire family), keep it simple. 

I know this is going to sound corny, but if we all just accept that the perfect gift really is just getting together with friends and family, we could all stop complaining about Christmas being too commercial. Remember last year when you shoved some lady out of the way to get the last $8 Zu Zu Pet? Does anyone even remember what a zu-zu pet is? Maybe we should take that into consideration when standing in line for hours – before Thanksgiving dinner has even begun to digest –  just to get the “in” gift.

Here’s an idea, take the family to a live nativity or a holiday concert. Do something that reminds you of what Christmas felt like as a child. The National Christmas Center in Paradise, PA is 20,000 sq.ft. of visions of sugarplums dancing in your head. It has amazing exhibits of Christmas through the ages. My favorite part is probably the giant raised Christmas tree that allows you to view the tree as though you were lying underneath as a child. This museum truly is a treasure and a great way to remember what it was like to have a simpler more meaningful Christmas.



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I am the blogger for Where & When, Pennsylvania's Travel Guide, a quarterly print magazine and online source for what's going on in PA.
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